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JNOD is a leading manufacturer of air source heat pump products. In the northern European countries, where winters are extremely cold, traditional heat pump products have historically struggled to maintain energy efficiency and quick heating in low outdoor temperatures. The challenge was to address this issue without the need for a complete replacement of existing, less efficient heat pump systems. JNOD introduced the “Booster for Heat Pump,” a solution designed to enhance performance in cold environments. By integrating electric auxiliary heating, this innovation provides supplementary heating to the water entering the heat pump, improving heating efficiency and reducing waiting times, ultimately enhancing customer comfort. This forward-thinking design has garnered high customer satisfaction.


The primary challenge faced by JNOD was the inefficiency of traditional heat pump systems in low outdoor temperatures, particularly in the extremely cold winters of northern European countries. These conditions led to prolonged heating times and decreased energy efficiency. Historically, the solution had been to replace the entire heat pump system with more efficient models better suited to cold climates. However, this approach came with significant cost implications and environmental concerns, as it led to the disposal of the existing heat pump systems, resulting in waste and pollution. The challenge was to find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing heat pump systems in cold climates.


To address the challenge, JNOD introduced the “Booster for Heat Pump,” a specialized solution designed for cold climate environments. This booster system was designed to work in conjunction with existing heat pump systems. It introduced electric auxiliary heating capabilities, allowing it to assist in heating the water entering the heat pump. When outdoor temperatures drop significantly, the booster system activates, providing additional heat to ensure optimal heat pump performance. This innovation effectively boosted heating efficiency, reduced waiting times for desired indoor temperatures, and improved overall customer comfort. Importantly, it eliminated the need for a complete system replacement, reducing costs and minimizing waste.


The implementation of the top exhaust solution yielded several positive results:

  1. Preservation of Garden Environment: The top exhaust design effectively eliminated the adverse impact of heat pump emissions on garden plants, preserving the beauty and health of the garden.

  2. Client Satisfaction: Clients were highly satisfied with the innovative top exhaust solution, as it demonstrated our commitment to addressing their specific needs and concerns.

  3. Enhanced Product Appeal: JNOD’s heat pump products with top exhaust gained a competitive edge in the market due to their garden-friendly design, attracting more environmentally-conscious customers.

  4. Positive Brand Image: The successful solution reinforced JNOD’s reputation as a manufacturer that listens to its customers and provides tailored solutions to meet their requirements.

Overall, the top exhaust design not only resolved a significant challenge but also showcased JNOD’s dedication to customer-centric innovation and environmental responsibility.

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