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Imagine borrowing warmth from the outside air to heat your space during cold months and reversing the process to cool it down when it’s hot. That’s exactly what JNOD heat pumps do.
Using a small amount of energy, they transfer heat from one place to another, offering up to 75% energy savings compared to traditional heating and cooling methods.

Benefits of Choosing JNOD Heat Pumps:

Complete Line Of Heating & Cooling
Heat Pump Solution From JNOD

R410A Cooling Water Cuboid Heat Pump
for 43°C High Ambient Temperature

Multi-function Water Tank (Circulating Pump, Electrical Heating, Expansion Tank)

R290 Domestic Monoblock Top-Blow
Air Source Heat Pump

R290 Dual-fan Monoblock High-power
Heat Pump (Circulating Pump)

R290 Single-fan Monoblock Low-power
Heat Pump (Circulating Pump)

R32 Dual-fan Monoblock High-power Series
Air-source Heat Pump

Heat Pump Heating And Cooling
In Multiple Applications

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Scenario: Homes ranging from apartments to large houses.

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Commercial Spaces

Scenario: Office buildings, retail stores, and restaurants.

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Educational Institutions

Scenario: Schools, universities, and daycare centers.

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Healthcare Facilities

Scenario: Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

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Hospitality and Leisure

Scenario: Hotels, resorts, and sports 


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Industrial Applications

Scenario: Warehouses, manufacturing plants, and data centers.

Why Choose JNOD As Your
Heating And Cooling Heat Pump Supplier

Modern Factory
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Production Capacity/year
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Raw Material

JNOD sources premium materials from trusted suppliers with over 5 years in the heat pump industry, including Sanhua valves, Panasonic heat pump compressor, and Wolong motors, ensuring superior quality and durability.


With over 20 years in the heat pump industry, JNOD offers a diverse product lineup developed by our 80-strong engineering team, combining expertise in modelization, electronics, thermal management, and more to deliver reliable solutions for all heating and cooling needs.
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Customization Service

Our OEM/ODM services cater to your specific needs, offering customization options like logo printing, tailored instructions, and packaging to fully align with your brand identity.

Rigorous Testing

Our products undergo extensive quality testing to guarantee performance, even in extreme conditions as low as -35°C. Tests include pressure resistance, aging, simulation, salt spray, noise, a thorough “Four Inspections and Two Start-up” process and etc. for unmatched reliability.
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After-sales Services

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China Heat Pumps Factory With
Full Certification And Patents Ready Support

Why You Should Choose Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps
Instead Of Traditional Heating Systems

JNOD heat pump are 30% more efficient than traditional heating systems.


Traditional Heating System

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

Heat generation

Burns fuel

Moves heat 


Heating only 

Heating and cooling


Moderate (80-98%), energy is lost during combustion

High (COP 2-3, up to 5 for ground-source)

Fuel source

Fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, propane)


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FAQs About JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

A quick view to solve your problems.

How does a Heating & Cooling Heat Pump work?

These heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat from a source (such as outdoor air or the ground) to the indoor space. In the winter, they extract heat from the outside air or ground and release it indoors to heat the space.

What are the advantages of using a JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump?

Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and can provide both heating and cooling, reducing the need for separate heating and cooling systems.
Cost Savings: By using heat from the environment, they can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
Environmental Friendliness: Heat pumps produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly.
Year-Round Comfort: They can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Can a JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump be used in all climates?

Heating & Cooling Heat Pumps are designed to work efficiently in various climates. However, their performance may vary in extremely cold or hot conditions. It’s advisable to consult with experts for recommendations in extreme climates.

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