Services to Cover Your Requirements

JNOD offers a full solution for your residential & commercial heat pump project from design and planning to shipping. As an expert in heating technology, we have the best knowledge and range of innovative heat pump products for your new project. We strive to make the whole process smoother for you by being your expert throughout.

Free Project Advice

When it comes to the complexities of design, we share our expertise with our clients and partners and feed off theirs. We know how to combine all heating technology to create the perfect heat pump, taking the circumstances and requirements into account.

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Research and Development

Inspiring the industry by working on heat pumps designed for the future. We strive to develop the optimal experience by testing the heat pump in our high-tech lab combined with real-life user testing.

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Sampling before Production

JNOD is an industry leader in heat pump testing. It’s important for us and for you to have a free sample before your mass production. If interested in specifying a particular sample, please contact our sampling team.

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Mass Manufacturing

As one of the world’s largest producers of heat pump, we take quality seriously. Our heat pump is expertly manufactured using carefully selected raw materials, the most modern machinery, and strict quality controls.

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ISO Quality Control

JNOD adheres to strict international standards proven to increase quality. We maintain state-of-the-art operations to ensure each order is of the highest quality, and our team manually inspects every heat pump component coming out of production. Strict quality controls and third-party lab reporting keep our operations lean, clean, and accountable.

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We offer flat rate shipping based on the product size. The product ordered will have a corresponding rate. We provide many types of shipping method according to your budget and timeline.

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