Top Blow Solution for Garden Saver


JNOD is a leading manufacturer of heat pump products. In the UK market, our clients often install heat pumps in their gardens. However, traditional heat pump designs with side exhaust vents have posed a challenge by impacting the surrounding garden plants with hot air. In response, we developed a unique top exhaust solution to mitigate the effects of heat pump emissions on garden vegetation. This innovative design has garnered high client satisfaction.


The primary challenge faced by JNOD was the adverse impact of traditional side exhaust heat pumps on garden plants. When positioned in gardens, these heat pumps would expel hot air through their side vents, directly affecting the surrounding vegetation. This resulted in damage to or the drying out of plants, which was a significant concern for our clients. Ensuring the functionality of the heat pumps while minimizing their impact on the garden environment became a critical challenge to address.


To address the challenge, JNOD developed a specialized top exhaust design for our heat pump products. This innovative solution involved rerouting the hot air emissions from the heat pump to exit from the top of the unit instead of the sides. The top exhaust design effectively directed the hot air upward and away from the garden, preventing direct exposure to the surrounding vegetation. This modification not only preserved the functionality of the heat pumps but also provided a solution that was considerate of our clients’ garden aesthetics and plant health.


The implementation of the top exhaust solution yielded several positive results:

  1. Preservation of Garden Environment: The top exhaust design effectively eliminated the adverse impact of heat pump emissions on garden plants, preserving the beauty and health of the garden.

  2. Client Satisfaction: Clients were highly satisfied with the innovative top exhaust solution, as it demonstrated our commitment to addressing their specific needs and concerns.

  3. Enhanced Product Appeal: JNOD’s heat pump products with top exhaust gained a competitive edge in the market due to their garden-friendly design, attracting more environmentally-conscious customers.

  4. Positive Brand Image: The successful solution reinforced JNOD’s reputation as a manufacturer that listens to its customers and provides tailored solutions to meet their requirements.

Overall, the top exhaust design not only resolved a significant challenge but also showcased JNOD’s dedication to customer-centric innovation and environmental responsibility.

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