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Top 10 Heat Pump Water Heater Brands for Efficient Homes



Are you interested in a way to heat water in your home that’s energy-efficient? It is worth mentioning that if you are looking for a more energy-efficient water heater, you might want to consider buying a heat pump water heater. These fancy appliances are equipped with smart technology that allows them to extract heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water hence saving lot of energy compared to the traditional water heaters. This article will show you the top 10 heat pump water heater brands which are the ones that are highly rated in terms of efficiency, performance and customer satisfaction. Either you are creating a new house or you are doing a water heating system upgrade, these brands are definitely worth considering. Now we are at the point to go into details and find out the best heat pump water heaters available on the market.


Jnod (China)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 2010

Main Markets: China, Southeast Asia, Europe

Certifications: CE, CCC, EN 16147

Key Products: Heating and Cooling Heat Pumps, Heat Pump Water Heaters

Jnod, a heat pump water heater brand that emerged in 2010, is taking the market by storm with its unique designs and unwavering promise of quality. Along with the national-level technical experts and multiple product patents, Jnod has managed to provide the reliable and effective solutions to 200+ satisfied customers from 36 countries. They are very much focused on the implementation of the ISO international quality management systems thus all the products are of high quality and meet the highest standards.

Jnod’s product is utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as EVI, variable frequency, and R290 refrigerant that make it possible to improve and update products more rapidly. Sanhua, Panasonic, and Wolong Electric are all listed companies and are the key components of the in-house developed electronic controls which enables optimal performance and reliability. The thorough concentration on the best-in-class raw materials, including heat pump-specific compressors, four-way valves for inverter machines, and nickel-plated hexagonal screws, leads to the increase of the endurance and productivity of their products.

Jnod is very much a company with a flair for innovation and this is evident from their R290 All-in-One Top-Blow Heating & Hot Water Cylindrical Heat Pump Unit. The heat pump has an outstanding heating capacity even at extremely low temperatures of -25°C and its compressor and stainless steel water tank is modern for many household uses. The R134A All-in-One Side-Blow Air-Source Cylindrical Heat Pump is a remarkable product that demonstrates high performance in cold temperature conditions and is integrated with solar panels in order to lower energy cost and ecological footprint. Both heat pumps have the option of WiFi connectivity, which enables remote control and tracking. Jnod’s heat pumps are truly exceptional in terms of efficiency, noise levels and carbon footprint. These are ideal choices for homeowners who are energy-conscious and in search of reliable and eco-friendly heating systems.


A.O. Smith (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1874

Main Markets: North America, China, India

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, UL, CSA

Key Products: Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, Effex High Efficiency Gas Water Heaters

A.O. Smith, an American company that has been in the business of water heater manufacturing since 1874, is a brand that is very popular. The corporation has been at the cutting edge of innovation in the water heat industry and their heat pump water heater line is no different. A.O Smith’s Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters are among the most efficient and advanced models out there, offering homeowners a chance to save energy costs and to enjoy top performance.

Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters are an intelligent blend of heat pump technology and conventional electric heating elements that intelligently provide the hot water efficiently and reliably. The heat pump takes out the surrounding heat and pushes it to the water, while the electric elements supply heat during the periods of high demand for it. The combined method of heating this hybrid device gives energy savings from 65% till 73% compared to standard electric water heaters, which makes Voltex models a perfect choice for the energy-saving homeowners.

Besides their excellent efficiency, the AO Smith Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters boast of advanced controls and monitoring capacities. The units are equipped with a user-friendly LCD display where homeowners can conveniently set temperature, view energy usage, and receive notifications of maintenance requirements or system problems. The Voltex models too have a vacation mode that works by reducing the energy consumption when the owner is away for an extended period of time, this adds to the overall efficiency of the system.

rheem logocopy crop

Rheem (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1925

Main Markets: North America, Australia, Asia

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, UL, AHRI

Key Products: ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, Performance Platinum Hybrid Electric Water Heaters

Rheem can also be mentioned as a long-time American water heater manufacturer which is well-known for its high quality products that have been on sale since 1925. The company has some of the best heat pump water heaters on the market: ProTerra and Performance Platinum Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters are energy saving, high performance, and long lasting.

ProTerra Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, incorporating Rheem’s EcoNet technology, which enables homeowners to regulate and supervise the unit’s functionality through their smartphone, are the latest from Rheem. This smart technology allows users to set personalized temperature schedules, receive notifications for maintenance and system problems, and trace the overall energy consumption through time. The ProTerra models are equipped with a leak detection system that is integrated into the system to avoid the water damage that may occur if the tank fails.

Rheem’s Performance Platinum Hybrid Electric Water Heaters are among the top ones for those who are interested in both energy-saving and high-performance. These models are rated from 3.7 up to energy efficiency which means considerable savings on electricity bills. Durability is a key concern for the Platinum Performance models, which is why they have a stainless steel tank that is built to last and resists corrosion, thus extending the lifespan of the unit. Furthermore, these water heaters come with a 10-year limited warranty covering homeowners’ investment and guaranteeing them peace of mind.

Bradford White Corporation Logo

Bradford White (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1881

Main Markets: North America

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, UL, AHRI

Key Products: AeroTherm Series Heat Pump Water Heaters

Bradford White is an American water heater maker highly regarded in the North American market and in operation since 1881. The AeroTherm Series Heat Pump Water Heaters by Bradford White show the company’s dedication to the innovation and the energy-efficiency. These heat pump water heater brands that have the latest technology available on the market, are the perfect choice for homeowners when it comes to reliable and cost-effective water heating solutions.

AeroTherm Series Heat Pump Water Heaters provide compressor technology that is advanced enough to enable them to be run efficiently in a wide range of ambient temperatures, from 45°F to 120°F. This in turn implies that the homeowners can experience reduced energy consumption and consistent delivery of hot water even in regions with cold weather. The units are also equipped with an LCD display that is very simple to use for setting the temperature and monitoring the energy usage.

One of the important things about the AeroTherm Series is that it has a mixing valve integrated. This valve is responsible for the hot water to be at the right temperature and safe for its use. This is more so crucial to families with young kids or the elderly members, since the water temperature can be set to reduce the risk of burns. Moreover, the AeroTherm Series Heat Pump Water Heaters are constructed with installation simplicity in mind and, therefore, are a desirable choice for both new construction as well as retrofit projects.

Stiebel Eltron

Stiebel Eltron (Germany)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1924

Main Markets: Europe, North America, Asia

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, CE, VDE

Key Products: Accelera Heat Pump Water Heaters

Stiebel Eltron is a German manufacturer of water heating and renewable energy systems that are of high quality. The company was founded in 1924. We offer cutting edge Accelera Heat Pump Water Heaters, which integrate advanced German technology and craftsmanship to yield the best performance and reliability.

Heaters of Accelera are equipped with single-pass heat exchanger, which is designed in a way to enhance heat transfer efficiency and minimize energy losses. This revolutionary design is what brings the units up to the highest energy efficiency rating of 3.4, which is among the best heat pump water heater options available today. The Acceleras are not only characterized by their compactness and a neat design but also by their suitability for homes that are space-limited.

Stiebel Eltron’s Accelera Heat Pump Water Heaters are equipped with the latest electronic controls that enable the units to operate with precision, temperature adjustment, and energy monitoring. Units also have legionella protection function which periodically heats water to eliminate bacteria and thus ensures safe and healthy delivery of hot water.


Whirlpool (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1911

Main Markets: North America, Europe, Latin America

Certifications: ENERGY STAR

Key Products: Energy Smart Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

Whirlpool is a brand known around the world for its American production of household appliances over the last century and its commitment to making the best home appliances. The company provides the Energy Smart Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters which are the ideal water heater for homeowners who need a dependable and efficient water heater. These units have been developed to answer the need for hot water but with the least energy usage and with low operating costs.

The Energy Smart Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, thanks to their compressor technology that is proved to be very smart, are capable of operating effectively in a wide range of ambient temperatures. These devices already have the fan built into it which makes air circulation around the compressor possible, which in turn improves the heat transfer and the efficiency of the whole system. The water saving models of Whirlpool are available in different capacities; 50 and 80 Liters which makes them suitable for all families of different sizes.

Apart from that, the Energy Smart Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters by Whirlpool offer an easy-to-use interface for consumers. The units provide an electronic control panel which is user friendly and allows the homeowners to quickly change the temperature, monitor the energy consumption, and put the system into vacation mode when away. The Energy Smart models have the capability of cleaning themselves and the sediment buildup in the process is reduced and the models can work to their best potential for a long time.

GE Appliance

GE Appliances (USA)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1892

Main Markets: North America

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, UL

Key Products: GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters

GE Appliances is one of the well-established American appliance companies which has been supplying innovative solutions for home since 1892. GE’s GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters is a proof of GE’s dedication to energy conservation and technological sophistication. These most efficient heat pump water heater models give homeowners an intelligent and environmentally friendly way to fulfill their hot water needs.

The GeoSpring Geo Spring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters incorporate GE’s latest heat pump technology that enables them to operate at a higher efficiency than conventional electric water heaters. The units are also equipped with a secondary electric heating element that serves as a backup source of heat when the demand is high, which ensures a constant supply of warm water. The GeoSpring models from GE are available in 50 and 80-gallon capacities, which makes them suitable for any family.

A highlight of the GE’s GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters is their smart connectivity. The units can be connected to Wi-Fi, giving homeowners an opportunity to control and monitor the water heater using a smartphone app when they are away from home. This smart technology allows users to program the temperature settings, set vacation mode, and receive alerts about maintenance or system issues. GeoSpring models are also equipped with a self-cleaning function that helps to increase the unit’s lifespan and maintain the best performance.


Hitachi (Japan)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1910

Main Markets: Asia, Europe, North America

Certifications: JIS, CE

Key Products: Yutampo Heat Pump Water Heaters

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company that has been the leading-edge of innovation in many fields including water heating, since 1910. Hitachi’s Yutampo Heat Pump Water Heaters providing homeowners with a reliable and environmentally friendly water heating solution. One the most important features of the Hitachi’s Yutampo Heat Pump Water Heaters is their performance in a wide range of weather conditions. On top of that, the Yutampo models are designed with the legionella prevention system which increases the water temperature periodically to destroy the bacteria and then guarantee a safe and healthy hot water supply.

The Yutampo Plate Heat Pump Water Heaters are equipped with Hitachi’s proprietary scroll compressor technology, which enables them to run quietly and efficiently even in low ambient temperatures. The scroll compressor design has these benefits as well, which include the wear and tear reduction on the system, the extended lifespan of the unit and the minimal maintenance requirements. The Hitachi’s Yutampo series can be found in different capacity variants from 90 to 460 liters. So, they are good for both residential and commercial uses as well.


LG (Korea)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1958

Main Markets: Asia, North America, Europe

Certifications: ENERGY STAR, UL, CE

Key Products: Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters

LG is a well-known South Korean multinational electronics company that has been offering different home appliance and electronics products since 1958. The Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters from LG are one of the solutions that the company offers to its customers, helping them save energy and providing them with a smart and eco-friendly water heater.

The Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters of LG are equipped with the cutting-edge inverter compressor technology. This allows the machine to adjust to the varying hot water needs by running at a variable speed. Besides, this technology not only improves energy efficiency but also mitigates the noise level which makes the units ideal for installation in multiple locations inside the home. LG’s Invertor models are designed in a variety of capacities from 200 to 300 liters and hence are perfect for most residential uses.

The LG’s Inverter Heat Pump Water Heaters is known for its smart connectivity, which is one of their standout features. The units enable the homeowners to control and monitor the water heater using LG’s SmartThinQ app, which can be used remotely. This smart technology allows users to modify the temperature, create a running schedule and receive warnings for maintenance or system problems.


Ariston (Italy)

Recommendation Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Founding Year: 1930

Main Markets: Europe, Asia, Africa

Certifications: CE, ErP, RoHS

Key Products: Nuos Heat Pump Water Heaters

Ariston is the Italian brand of water heaters and heating systems that had been producing top-quality products since 1930. Nuos Heat Pump Water Heaters by Ariston are an embodiment of the company’s aim to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and stylish. These brands of heat pump water heaters are the ecological and aesthetically pleasing solutions for homeowners to have the water heating system.

Another good thing about Ariston’s Nuos Heat Pump Water Heaters is their very contemporary and stylish design. The units are stylish white and have a wall-mounted configuration that is compact and floor-saving. The Nuos models are also equipped with an LCD display which is easy to use to set the temperature, monitor energy consumption and program the operation time. Besides that, the storage tank is furnished with a magnesium anode which gives it the ability to protect itself from corrosion, as a result, its lifespan is extended.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heat Pump Water Heater

When you choose a heat pump water heater, make sure to consider the manufacturer’s reputation, their expertise, and the level of customer support they offer. The top manufacturers have a reputation for delivering products of the highest quality, reliability and energy efficiency, and they accompany their products with warranties and prompt customer care. On top of that, they need to offer a variety of models to fit different households and pockets, hence you don’t have to break a bank to get your dream kitchen.

A decision for the best heat pump water heater is taken by considering the unit’s energy efficiency rating (EF or UEF), tank capacity, first hour rating and the climate suitability to the place. Evaluate your household’s hot water use and available installation space to determine if the tankless water heater is the right size and configuration for your needs. Moreover, pay attention to the unit’s noise, compressor type and smart features to be sure it is well-suited to your tastes and your lifestyle. Through this process of weighing all the factors and comparing the best water heaters you can make a wise choice that will bring you hot water for many years, which is reliable, economical, and environment-friendly.

The Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump water heater is a highly efficient alternative to the traditional water heaters. These new water heater appliances not only work quietly but also are good for homes that are looking for a peaceful environment. The heat pump water heaters work by drawing out the ambient heat from the air using a condenser coil and transferring it to the water, this makes them consume less energy than the conventional water heaters and gas-powered models. This cutting edge technology not only lowers your carbon footprint but also translates to major cuts in your utility bills. Providing superior performance and eco-friendly design, heat pump water heaters are an investment that is rewarded in the long run with the comfort and energy efficiency. The installation of a heat pump water heater is an intelligent choice for homeowners who want to not only optimize their energy consumption but also get a constant and reliable supply of hot water compared to traditional heaters.

Final Thoughts

With energy costs growing and homeowners becoming more mindful about their ecological footprint, heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, have become an attractive alternative for energy-efficient hot water heater systems. The top ten heat pump water heater brands reviewed herein represent the diversity of options on the market today and each brand has its own characteristic features, benefits and limitations.

As technology becomes more and more sophisticated, we may have the opportunity to see more creative and energy-efficient designs of heat pump water heaters in the near future. Although they may be more expensive upfront compared to conventional heaters, making a smart investment in one of the top brands of the high-quality and energy-efficient water heaters can be a great choice. Homeowners can have the pleasure of lower energy bills, a reduced environmental impact, and a reliable supply of hot water for their everyday needs.

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