R290 Domestic Monoblock Top-Blow Air Source Heat Pump

Multifunction, High-Efficiency

The R290 Domestic Monoblock Heat Pump provides an energy efficient heating and cooling solution for homes. Using R290 refrigerant, this top-blow unit earns an A+++ rating for low power consumption. The monoblock design allows flexible installation under windows or on walls. Despite compact size, it delivers reliable climate control from -25°C to +43°C. The electronic control system maintains steady temperatures while optimizing efficiency. With its quiet operation, smart controls and app connectivity, the R290 Monoblock brings customized comfort and savings to your home.

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R290 Heat Pump

The “R290 Domestic Monoblock Top-Blow Air Source Heat Pump” is designed with the eco-conscious homeowner in mind. It utilizes R290 refrigerant, known for its excellent thermodynamic properties and minimal environmental impact. This makes it a sustainable choice for heating and cooling needs.

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Comfortable Down to -25°C

This heat pump excels in low-temperature conditions, ensuring efficient heating even during the coldest winter months. It’s equipped to provide reliable warmth and comfort when you need it most, making it suitable for various climates.

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Reliable Heating and Hot Water

The heart of this heat pump is its EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) system, featuring a robust compressor. This ensures exceptional efficiency and performance, even in extreme conditions, making it a reliable choice for year-round comfort.

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RS485 Serial Port

For enhanced control and monitoring, the heat pump comes equipped with an RS485 serial port. This allows for seamless integration into smart home systems, enabling remote operation and optimization of energy usage.

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This forward-thinking heat pump is SMART GRID and PV READY, meaning it can connect to smart grid systems and photovoltaic setups. This feature not only reduces energy costs but also supports grid stability and renewable energy adoption.

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Top Efficiency with A+++ Energy Rating

With its A+++ energy rating, this heat pump is highly efficient, reducing energy consumption and lowering your carbon footprint. You can enjoy comfort without compromising on environmental responsibility, saving both money and resources.



Smaller Carbon Footprint

WIFI Built-In

75°C High-Outlet Water

Easy Installation

Product Type - Top Blow

Heating Capacity Range (kW)2-52.4-72.8-103.2-11
Heating (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)Heating Capacity (kW)
Power Input (kW)1.301.762.272.59
Heating (A-12℃,W36/41℃)Heating Capacity (kW)
Power Input (kW)0.991.582.382.52
Heating (A7/6℃,W40/45℃)Heating Capacity (kW)5.97.810.511.4
Power Input (kW)1.592.132.853.11
Heating (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)Heating Capacity (kW)5.279.610.8
Power Input (kW)1.662.273.153.55
Cooling (A35/24℃,W23/18℃)Cooling Capacity (kW)
Power Input (kW)0.961.482.202.36
Cooling (A35/24℃,W12/7℃)Cooling Capacity (kW)
Power Input (kW)1.021.662.582.91
Max Power Input (kW)1.832.53.33.9
Max Current (A)8.7611.9615.7918.66
Wifi ControlYesYesYesYes
Power Supply220V~240V/50Hz/60Hz
Operating Air Temp.(℃)-25~43
Max.Outlet Water Temp(℃)75
Fan Quantity1
Compressor BrandGMCC (Rotary)
Brand of 4-way valveSANHUA
Circulating pumpInverter type / Built-in
Heat ExchangerPlate heat exchanger
Casing MaterialGalvanized Sheet
Water Pipe Connection (inch)G3/4"(female thread)G1"(female thread)
Noise Level at 1m dB(A)54555758
Water Flow (m³/h)1.031.381.722.06
Water Pressure Drop (kPa)12131515
Min/Max heating water pressure (bar)2.0/10.0
Net Dimensions ( L/W/H ) mm620/620/830650/650/940
Package Dimensions ( L/W/H ) mm730/670/980760/700/1090
Net Weight KG74759091
Gross Weight KG8890110111
Loading quantity 20GP/40GP,40HQ pcs48/102/102


The top-blow design is a departure from traditional side-blow setups, intended to minimize the heat pump’s impact on its surroundings while optimizing performance.

The primary goal of the “Top-Blow” design is to reduce the heat pump’s impact on the environment around it, creating a more efficient and less obtrusive solution.

Yes, the top-blow design retains the heat pump’s capability to provide effective heating during colder periods and cooling during warmer seasons, ensuring year-round comfort.

Absolutely, this heat pump aligns with the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions, making it an eco-friendly choice for those aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

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