R410A Air Source Heat Pump for Swimming Pool

Multifunction, High-Efficiency

Introducing our R410A Air Source Heat Pump designed exclusively for swimming pools. This high-performance heat pump ensures your pool remains at the perfect temperature year-round, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable swimming experience regardless of the weather.

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Smaller Temperature Fluctuations

With advanced temperature control technology, this heat pump keeps temperature fluctuations to a minimum, ensuring a comfortable swimming experience at all times.

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Brushless DC Fan Motor

The brushless DC fan motor in our heat pump guarantees quiet operation, so you can enjoy a peaceful pool environment without disruptive noise.

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Our R32 Air Source Heat Pump operates quietly, allowing you to relax by the pool without any noise disturbances.

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High-Efficiency Titanium Tube

The heat exchanger in this pump is equipped with a high-efficiency titanium tube, ensuring efficient heat transfer and long-lasting performance.



Smaller Carbon Footprint

WIFI Built-In

75°C High-Outlet Water

Easy Installation

Product Type - Dual Fan

 Model J50SP410INV60P J90SP410INV60P J110SP410INV60P J170SP410INV60P
Ambient Temperature: (DB/WB) 27°C/24.3°C; Water Inlet/Outlet Temperature: 26°C/28°C. Heating Capacity (kW) 1.5~5.5 1.8~9.5 2.8~11.5 4.34~18.1
Power Input (kW) 0.104~0.84 0.124~1.46 0.193~1.79 0.27~2.81
COP 14~6.55 14.5~6.5 14.5~6.4 16.1~6.4
Ambient Temperature: (DB/WB) 15°C/12°C; Water Inlet Temperature: 26°C. Heating Capacity (kW) 1.1~3.9 1.5~7.9 2.21~8.23 3.44~13.35
Power Input (kW) 0.138~0.75 0.194~1.491 0.283~1.614 0.41~2.61
COP 7.97~5.2 7.73~5.3 7.81~5.1 8.3~5.1
Max Power Input (kW) 1.31 1.75 2.3 3.9
Max Current (A) 5.95 7.95 10.5 15.9
Power Supply 220V~240V/60Hz
Operating Air Temp.(℃) -10~43
Heating Temp. Range(℃) 15~40
Cooling Temp. Range(℃) 20~35
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type Rotary
Compressor Brand Mitsubishi
Gas Control EEV
4-Way Valve Yes
Fan Quantity 1
Heat Exchanger Titanium in PVC
Casing Material Plastic
Water Pipe Connection (mm) 50
Noise Level at 1m dB(A) 20~45 21~46 22~47 34~48
Water Flow (m³/h) 2.4 4.1 4.9 7.7
Water Pressure Drop (kPa) 15 18 15 31
Net Weight (kg) 33 39 44 52
Net Dimension (mm) 910*360*620 1000*405*660


An R410A Air Source Heat Pump is a device designed to efficiently heat swimming pool water by extracting heat from the surrounding air. It uses R410A refrigerant to accomplish this.

This heat pump can help you save on heating costs, extend your swimming season, and maintain a comfortable water temperature for your pool.

It’s available in various sizes to accommodate different pool sizes, ensuring you find the right fit for your swimming pool.

Yes, these heat pumps are designed to work efficiently even in cooler weather, making them suitable for various geographic locations.

Yes, the energy-efficient operation of this heat pump can result in substantial savings on your pool heating costs.

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