R410A Commercial & Industrial Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump

Multifunction, High-Efficiency

The “R410A Commercial & Industrial Water Heater Air Source Heat Pump” is a powerful solution designed to meet the demanding hot water needs of large-scale commercial environments. With its advanced technology and efficient performance, it ensures reliable hot water supply while significantly reducing energy consumption.

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Versatile for Large Commercial Environments

This heat pump is tailor-made for large-scale commercial and industrial settings, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from hotels and resorts to factories and hospitals.

diagram of how a JNOD Heated Water Pump for Commercial Spaces works

Impressive Energy Efficiency

With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) exceeding 4.0, this system achieves remarkable energy savings of up to 70%, significantly lowering operational costs.

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Continuous Hot Water Supply

The unit features a large insulated water tank that ensures a constant and reliable supply of hot water, 24 hours a day, catering to the high-demand needs of commercial and industrial applications.

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Environmentally Friendly R410A Refrigerant

Utilizing R410A refrigerant, this heat pump is not only highly efficient but also environmentally responsible, reducing its carbon footprint while maintaining exceptional performance.

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Wide Temperature Range

Operating efficiently even in demanding conditions, it can maintain a maximum water temperature of 60°C and handle a low working temperature of -15°C, ensuring reliable performance year-round.


Versatile for Large

Smaller Carbon Footprint


60°C High-Outlet Water

Easy Maintance

Product Type

Model number J115HW410FU J115HW4103NFU J195HW4103NFU J235HW4103NFU J385HW4103NFU J520HW4103NFU
Ambient Temperature: (DB/WB) 20°C /15; Water temperature from 15°C to 55°C. Heating Capacity (kW) 11.4 11.4 19.7 23.57 38.5 52
Power Input(kW) 2.57 2.57 4.45 5.3 8.73 11.65
COP 4.435797665 4.435797665 4.4 4.447169811 4.410080183 4.463519313
Hot Water Volume(L/h) 225 225 370 505 724 1120
Max Power Input (kW) 3.72 3.72 7.5 7.63 14.5 18.5
Max Current (A) 17 6.71 15.5 13.6 29.4 35.5
Power Supply 220V-240V~/50Hz 380-415V/3N~/50Hz
Operating Air Temp.(℃) -15~43
Max.Outlet Water Temp(℃) 60
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type Rotary
Compressor Brand Mitsubishi
Gas Control EEV
4-Way Valve Yes
Compressor Brand Copeland
Fan Quantity 1 2
Integrated water pump No
Heat Exchanger High efficient tube in shell heat exchanger
Casing Material Galvanized Sheet
Water Pipe Connection (inch) G3/4" (female) G3/4" (female) G1" (female) G1" (female) G1-1/2" (male) G1-1/2" (male)
Noise Level at 1m dB(A) ≤54 ≤54 ≤60 ≤60 ≤64.5 ≤68
Water Flow (m³/h) 2 2 3.8 4.1 7.2 10
Water Pressure Drop (kPa) 40 40 50 50 60 60
Net Weight (kg) 94 94 135 138 260 310
Net Dimension (mm) 720*790*900 830*830*1122 1555*870*1322 1555*870*1342


This heat pump utilizes advanced technology to efficiently extract heat from the air and transfer it to the water, ensuring a constant supply of hot water.

Yes, it can be tailored to meet varying capacity and temperature requirements to match the size and demands of your establishment.

It can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems, minimizing disruption during installation and optimizing your current infrastructure.

The heat pump utilizes eco-friendly refrigerant R410A and operates with low emissions, aligning with sustainability initiatives.

It may qualify for local or national incentives; we recommend checking with local authorities for available programs.

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