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R410A Cooling Water Cuboid Heat Pump for 43°C(109°F) High Ambient Temperature

Multifunction, High-Efficiency

JNOD experiences ultimate efficiency and versatility with our cutting-edge R32 3-in-1 Air Source Heat Pump. Designed to provide exceptional heating, cooling, and hot water solutions, this system is a game-changer for your comfort needs. Harnessing the power of environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, this heat pump boasts remarkable energy efficiency while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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JNOD Heating and Cooling Heat pump

Dual Mode Functionality (Cooling and Heating)

Year-Round Comfort: With both cooling and heating capabilities, this heat pump is a versatile solution for all seasons. This dual functionality offers the convenience of a single appliance that meets your climate control needs throughout the year, saving space and costs.

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Versatile T3 Working Condition (-10 to 55°C)

Adaptability at Its Best: Designed to operate efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -10°C to 55°C, this heat pump guarantees stable performance in various climates. Whether it’s a cold winter day or a hot summer afternoon, our heat pump stands ready to deliver optimal comfort.

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RS485 Serial Port Integration

Seamless Smart Home Compatibility: Equipped with an RS485 serial port, our heat pump offers exceptional compatibility and flexibility, easily integrating with various smart home systems. This connectivity feature allows for remote control and monitoring, enhancing convenience and user experience.

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Low Noise Compressor Technology

Quiet Operation for Peaceful Environments: Our specially designed low-noise compressor minimizes operational sound, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment. This feature is particularly beneficial for noise-sensitive spaces, providing a serene atmosphere.



Smaller Carbon Footprint

WIFI Built-In

75°C High-Outlet Water

Easy Installation

Model numberJ100HWCW
Ambient Temperature: (DB/WB) 35°C /24;Water temperature from 12°C to 7°C.Cooling Capacity (kW)7.0
Power Input (kW)2.33
Ambient Temperature:  (DB/WB) 7°C/6°C; Water Temperature:froom 40°C to 45°CHeating Capacity (kW) 10.0
Power Input (kW) 2.86
COP 3.5
Ambient Temperature: (DB/WB) 20°C /15;Water temperature from 15°C to 55°C.Heating Capacity (kW)11.5
Power Input (kW)2.67
COP 4.3
General InfoPower Supply220-240V/1Ph/50Hz
Max Power Input (kW) 3.72
Max Current (A) 17.8
Max.Outlet Water Temp.(°C)55
Min.Outlet Water Temp.(°C)15
Operating Air Temp.(℃) -10~55
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor BrandHIGHLY
Hot water volume(L/h)247
Water Flow (m³/h)1.72
Water Pressure Drop (kPa)800
Water Pipe Connection (mm)G1"
Noise Level at 1m dB(A)55
Net Weight (kg)83
Gross Weight KG105
Net Dimensions ( L/W/H ) mm1120*420*815
Package Dimensions ( L/W/H ) mm 1155*480*840

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