Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Optimize Temperature Control for Pool & Spa

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Experience year-round comfort in your pool or spa with JNOD swimming pool heat pumps, offering unmatched features and benefits. Our products are designed to create the most comfortable swimming or spa experience for you. As a heat pump industry leader, we maintain our reputation by providing unmatched product quality and setting the standards for support and service.

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Wide Range Of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Selection

Provide You Trouble-Free Heating Solution

R410A/R32 Refrigerant Available

JNOD inverter heat pump use environmental friendly refrigerant. Which means, it will cause less environmental pollution.

High Efficiency

The frosting possibility decrease due to the hydrophilic coating. The titanium tube with internal thread in heat exchanger will cause turbulence, when the refrigerant is flowing through. This results in excellent high efficiency.

Quiet Operation

It can run amazingly quietly of 20dB(A) in sleep mode.

Fast Heating

Inverter pool heat pumps adopt the brushless DC fan motor and inverter compressors. Therefore, it can smartly adjust their speed, according to the temperature of air and water temperatures. So it enbles the inveter heat pumps to heat the pool quickly.

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FAQs About JNOD Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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What is a JNOD Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

A JNOD Swimming Pool Heat Pump is a heating device designed to warm the water in your swimming pool. It operates by extracting heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the pool water, making it comfortable for swimming even in cooler weather.

How does a Swimming Pool Heat Pump work?

The heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle to capture heat from the air and then compresses it to raise the temperature. This heat is transferred to the pool water via a heat exchanger, effectively warming the pool.

What are the advantages of using a JNOD Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Energy Efficiency: Swimming pool heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, as they use electricity to transfer heat rather than generate it.
Environmental Friendliness: They produce lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional heating methods.
Consistent Heating: Heat pumps provide consistent and reliable pool water heating.
Long Lifespan: When properly maintained, JNOD Swimming Pool Heat Pumps with proper care, they can last for many years, typically over a decade.

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