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Heating & Cooling Heat Pumps

Designed for year-round comfort, a heating & cooling heat pump keeps cool by drawing heat from outdoors on warm days and drawing heat from the outside air to keep warm on cool days. That’s what makes our innovative, super-efficient heat pumps a great choice for homeowners and professionals seeking a versatile heating and cooling solution.

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Automatic Heating

As soon as water temperature for shower drops to the setpoint, the heat pump starts working so as to ensure constant shower.

Extended Shower Time

With sufficient hot water supply and fast heating technology, the heat pump covers the hot water requirement of a whole family.

Short Heating Time

Hot water can be supplied in a short time within 1 hour as the inlet water temperature is greatly higher than that of the tap water.

Easy & Clear Control

The clear controller display, specially designed makes it easy for users to power on/off, set temperature, timer and heating/defrosting mode.

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FAQs About JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

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How does a Heating & Cooling Heat Pump work?

These heat pumps use a refrigeration cycle to transfer heat from a source (such as outdoor air or the ground) to the indoor space. In the winter, they extract heat from the outside air or ground and release it indoors to heat the space.

What are the advantages of using a JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump?

Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and can provide both heating and cooling, reducing the need for separate heating and cooling systems.
Cost Savings: By using heat from the environment, they can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.
Environmental Friendliness: Heat pumps produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly.
Year-Round Comfort: They can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

Can a JNOD Heating & Cooling Heat Pump be used in all climates?

Heating & Cooling Heat Pumps are designed to work efficiently in various climates. However, their performance may vary in extremely cold or hot conditions. It’s advisable to consult with experts for recommendations in extreme climates.

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